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Company History

Advantage Property was incorporated in 2004, providing property listing and sales services from its Slater Avenue office in Fountain Valley. Advantage Property has closed hundreds of sales of every type of property including single family residential, multi-family residential, and commercial properties. Transactions have included properties from Northern Los Angeles County to Southern San Diego County, and from the beachfront of the Pacific Ocean far inland to San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. The reason why Advantage Property seems to be so diversified is because their book of business includes an exclusive clientele and their referrals.

Advantage Property has developed a collaborative culture.  There is a desire to mentor others and a strong passion for client service.   Advantage is a team-based work environment with highly-skilled and carefully vetted associates who closely follow their client’s  financial position while keeping a keen eye on market data and trends.

Advantage has a business plan to remain small enough to enjoy every client relationship.  Its business approach is tailored to suit the individual preferences of each client, whether they be high tech or high touch, to zero in on the client’s objective, and focus on their bottom line. It uses an established infrastructure and state of the art technologies to maximize marketing opportunities yet maintain a devotion to each stakeholder in a transaction.

Joyce Riviere, Broker of Record

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