HOA Services


HOA MANAGEMENT SERVICES includes but is not limited to:

Board Meeting & Board Interaction

  • Collect Monthly Fees and assessments,pay accounts due,maintain accounting
  • Provide Agenda Packet to the Board prior to every meeting
  • Schedule,attend,and take minutes at all regularly scheduled Board meeting (meeting frequency based on Board’s requirements:monthly,bi-monthly,quarterly,semi annually)
  • Provide an Updated Status Report for Board review at every meeting
  • Review common area maintenance needs with the Board at every meeting
  • Provide a Detailed Action List for the Board at every meeting (to track OPEN & COMPLETED activities)
  • Write and mail compliance letters as requested by the Board
  • Provide compliance letters written to residents for Board review at every meeting , if requested
  • Present a Manager’s Report at every Board meeting
  • Assist With annual budget preparation
  • Provide advice to the Board on association policy matters
  • Periodically review the association’s rules & guidelines for compliance and relevance
  • Inform the Board of new laws or rulings,which may affect the association

Annual Meetings

  • Prepare the Annual Meeting notice and mail it to homeowners
  • Collect Proxies and Coordinate the effort to establish a quorum (goal to hold a legitimate Annual Meeting on the first attempt)
  • Attend the Annual Meeting and take minutes
  • Assist the President in preparing the ‘state of the association ‘at each Annual Meeting (and, if the Board prefers, deliver it )

Resident Interation

  • Compose and distribute newsletters to residents and homeowners(frequency TBD by  the Board)
  • Take Phone Calls and answer homeowner questions during regular business hours
  • Solve homeowner problems that are the Association’s responsibility to solve
  • Review Modification Requests Submitted by homeowners
  • Mail a Welcome Kit to all new owners

Maintenance & Administration

  • Inspect the common area,i.e.,perform walk-troughs (frequency TBD by the Board)
  • Write & mail compliance letters as part of walk-through follow up
  • Issue work orders for routine maintenance(When anticipated cost is below predetermined bid limit)
  • Write repair specifications,solicit multiple bids for larger repair jobs(e.g.,When anticipated cost exceeds limit determined by the Board),and submit proposals to Board
  • Stay in touch with contractor during large projects to deal with issues as they arise and/or monitor progress of large jobs in person
  • Put association services,e.g.,insurance,gutter cleaning,pest control,etc.,out for bid when the Board requests it
  • Maintain a file containing the association’s governing documents(Articles of Incorporation, CC&Rs, Bylaws, and amendments)
  • Provide association documents to owners who are selling or re-financing their units
  • Review all invoices prior to submission for payment; compare to proposal to verify accuracy

Licenses, Renewals, and Certifications

  • File required corporate information forms bi-annually with California Secretary of State
  • Review the association’s insurance every year for proper coverage levels
  • Order and coordinate completion of a Reserve Study as required by law
  • Renew pool certificates with County Health Department (where applicable)
  • Contract for annual fire extinguisher certification (where applicable)
  • Contract for required fire equipment testing, including fire alarm systems, sprinkler systems, and standpipe certification (where applicable)

Maintain FIles

  • Maintain homeowner files with correspondence, compliance letters, termite reports, etc.
  • Maintain files for meeting minutes & newsletters
  • Maintain files for association invoices, contracts, and important maintenance records, e.g., last painted, last asphalt sealing, last roof job, etc.
  • Maintain insurance files including current policy(s) and summary including coverage levels, deductibles, premiums, and claims history
  • Maintain Annual Meeting records including sign in roster, physical proxy/ballots, and minutes

Management Only or Management & Accounting

APMS provides HOA property management services. For associations needing property management and financial management, we partner with CPAs who specialize in HOA accounting, tax, preparation, and financial statement reviews & audits to provide you with a complete management solution.

When completing our Reply Form, please specify whether you are looking for a proposal management services only or a proposal for management and accounting services.

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