Sell Faster With My Marketing Strategy

Your home will sell quickly — for the best price — if you use a marketing strategy that makes sure your house is seen by the people who want to buy it.These services are part of how Joyce will market your home:

Great Publicity

“For Sale” Sign

A modern For Sale sign on your property will alert neighbors and people passing by that your property is on the market.

Print Ads

Joyce has access to various print ads, which could be added to the marketing strategy. Although our primary focus is on internet ads, some properties may do well with print or magazines.


Internet exposure is key! It is becoming the primary focus of marketing and increasingly important to the sale of your home. We make certain that your home is accessible to potential buyers who are searching for homes like yours on the Internet. We place your property with multiple pictures and a virtual tour (when possible) on ALL major sites to include Zillow, Trulia,, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Craigslist and many more sub sites. Your home will also be available to buyers searching for a home on all the local Realtor websites, including this one. Joyce monitors the analytical information from these sites to identify who is viewing your site and potential buyers. Direct contact forms are available for buyers to reach out to us directly.


Advertising with multiple pictures sells homes! We take numerous quality pictures of your property and choose the very best ones to advertise your home in online sites like Pintrest, newspaper advertisements and flyers.

Virtual Tours

“Virtual Tours” are another exciting way to make your property stand out. We go the extra mile in this marketing tool. We don’t just use photographs to create a virtual tour. We implement state of the art drones, moving HD cameras and photography to create an experience for the buyer. The videos are available on the MLS, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook and all major sites. The direct internet links are available to you to be emailed, texted and shared on personal sites.


High-quality brochures provided to prospective buyers who tour your home keep it in the forefront of their mind as they tour additional houses on the same day. Our brochures feature full-color photos and highlight your home’s special features as well as all standard information. This take-home brochure provides all contact information so we can answer any questions the prospective buyer might have.

Open House

We will hold an open house on a day that is convenient for you. This will be a good opportunity to showcase your house and provide an in person experience.

Realtor Lock Box

Buyers are often represented by other realtors, so a big part of Joyce’s job is making sure those realtors know about your house and have access to it.

With your permission, Joyce will place a lock box on your property to increase showings. RE Global uses electronic lock boxes for safety and security, and only a licensed Realtor can use it.


Joyce does his best to promote her homes to all the top local Realtors. In addition to email promotions, he will market your property at MLS meetings and through networking with Realtors from other real estate companies. Spreading the word and calling attention to your property is the key to successful home marketing.

Additional Benefits

Correct Pricing Sells Your Home Faster!

Joyce can determine the best listing price for your home to meet your deadlines and goals. He does this by keeping close tabs on our local markets. A comparative analysis, (active listings, under contract, sold, etc.) and use your statistics helps Joyce choose the right list price for your home.

Transaction Management Makes Your Life Easier!

Joyce’s tried and true systems will manage all the details of your transaction to ensure that your contract closes on time. This means you can plan ahead will not have to reschedule your moving date.

Frequent Contact Keeps You In The Loop!

When you work with Joyce you will always feel well-informed. He will regularly contact you with updates on the marketing of your home and to answer any questions that you might have. Do you guys have one of these pictures?

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